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Conduct Rules

 BON SECOURS COLLEGE FOR WOMEN - Thanjore | Welcome to Our College



BON SECOURS COLLEGE FOR WOMEN - Thanjore | Welcome to Our College





Code of conduct for Students | Attendance And Leave Rules | Request to Parents / Guardians | Mobile Phones | Petition and Complaints | Special Attention | Tests / Examinations | Sports and Extra Curricular Activities | Payment of fees | Code of conduct for faculty
Code of conduct for Students


* Every student should be neatly and decently dressed.

* Students should be punctual. Late comers will be penalized.

* Students should maintain discipline while interacting with teaching, non-teaching staff and fellow-students.

* Students are expected to check the notice boards regularly.

* No meetings or celebrations shall be conducted in the college premises without the permission of the Principal.

* Loitering in the corridors, damaging furniture and writing on the desks or walls are strictly forbidden. Students violating these rules shall be fined.

* Day scholars opting for bus facilities shall maintain absolute discipline. Any misbehavior shall be seriously dealt with.

* Students should abide by the rules and regulations framed by the college authorities from time to time.

* Students attending lectures in the class rooms or working in the laboratories shall maintain perfect silence.

* No student shall leave the class room either without permission or till the teacher leaves the room.

* Every student should be present in the college 5 minutes before the commencement of prayer session. The late comers will not be permitted to attend classes of the day. Habitual late comers will be fined.

* Students are required to bring their identity cards to college every day.

* Transfer Certificates and Conduct Certificates will not be issued unless all the dues to the college and hostel are cleared.

* The Principal’s decision shall be final in all matters of punishment to the students for the infringement of any of the rules.

  1. Attendance on re-opening day and closing day of every term is compulsory.
  2. Students should be prompt in their attendance to the college. Students having attendance below the University norms shall not be permitted to write the University examinations.
  3. No student shall absent herself without prior information.
  4. Leave applications should be endorsed by the Parents/Guardian/Warden.
  5. Leave applications should be handed over to the respective class teachers for getting approval from the Principal.
  6. If a student absents herself for more than 10 days without intimating the authorities, her name will be struck off from the registers. Thereafter the student has to get readmitted, for continuing her course, by paying the admission fee.
  7. A student applying for sick leave for more than five days or any student absent for the unit tests or pre-semester examination on medical grounds, need to produce a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
  8. A student absenting herself for a portion of the day must get permission from the Principal.
  9. Absentees without leave applications are liable to buy a book worth Rs.100/- to the department.
Request to Parents / Guardians:

Parents / Guardians are requested to extend full co-operation to the authorities with regard to the character, discipline and academic progress of their daughters / wards. They must respond to all communications sent to them from the college pertaining to their daughters / wards.

Mobile Phones:

Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the campus. If they are found in the possession of any student, she will be fined a sum of Rs.500/- The phone will not be returned under any circumstances.

Petition and Complaints:

  1. Requests, petition, appeal and complaints of any kind must be made to the Principal.
  2. Students are not allowed to make a complaint in a body or to address any authority collectively. Such combined action is subversive of good order.




Students must have earned 75% of attendance in each course for appearing for the examination. Students who have earned 74% to 70% of attendance can apply for condonation in the prescribed form with the prescribed fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred only). Students who have earned 69% to 60% of attendance can apply for condonation in the prescribed fom with the prescribed fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred only) along with the Medical Certificate.

Students who have earned below 60% attendance are not eligible to appear for the examination and they shall re-do the semester(s) after completion of the course, with the prior permission of the REGISTRAR of the University.

Courses Internal Assessment (C.I.A):


Test will be conducted in the departments on completion of one or more units of the syllabus. The progress report of the unit tests and other class tests will be sent to the parents.

Students are strictly advised not to absent themselves for the course Internal Assessment tests. If they are absent they will not be awarded internal marks.

Mid - Semester Examination
Mid semester examinations are conducted in the middle of each semester to assess the progress of the students and to enforce necessary remedial measures.
Pre - Semester Examination
Before the commencement of the University examinations, Pre-Semester exams will be conducted in all the subjects on the modal of University Examinations.
Sports and Extra Curricular Activities

* Students are urged to utilize the sports facilities provided by the college.

* Students are expected to maintain discipline and display sportsman spirit on the field.

* Students representing the college in inter-university and state level competitions shall be awarded scholarship by the college.

* Students are expected to participate in the co-curricular activities arranged by the college.

* Weekly, an hour shall be allotted to the students for participating in extra curricular activities.

* Students can participate in any one of the following co-curricular activities: English Literary Association, Tamil Literary Association, Environmental Programme, Dance, Music and other Fine Arts. These have been included to encourage and develop the artistic and creative talents of the students. Each Association is under the guidance of an able Lecturer.

Payment of fees
a. Fees will be collected at the beginning of each semester.
b. Fees once paid will not be refunded.
c. If a student fails to pay the fees on or before the due date notified, she is liable to pay a fine of Rs. 10/-
d. No duplicate copy of transfer certificate will be issued.

e. A fee of Rs..5/- will be charged for (bonafied / Course / conduct) each typed copy of certificate.


Code of conduct for faculty


Each faculty member are strictly instructed to abide the following rules of conduct

* Should avoid all forms of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, age, religion and disability Create non hostile environment to facilitate learning.

* Display ID cards at all times within the campus

* Forbidden to use cell phones during working hours

* Must contain decorum both inside and outside the class room

* Permit to wear sari along with over –coat

* Should maintain harmonious relations with other staff and students

* Uphold the honour and dignity of the teaching profession.


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